Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Modulus Cosmetics was incepted in the year 2010 for the manufacturing of a wide range of soaps and soap-related products such as Soap Noodles, Refined Glycerine, Crude Glycerine, Toilet soap, Laundry Soap and Distilled fatty acid. Located in Una, Himachal Pradesh, we aspire to become a world-class soap manufacturing business that thrives for the success of our customers as well as our own.

Our vision is to be known as the best soap manufacturing company around the globe that delivers world-class soap-based products. We are keenly focused on providing high-quality products to our clients so that our relationship with them grows stronger day by day. Since Modulus Cosmetics is also a contract manufacturing company, so we seek to become the number one third-party manufacturing company in terms of quality and quantity.

Our only aim is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to satisfy their different requirements because of our customer-centric approach.

Our Mission

At Modulus Cosmetics we have a definite mission of producing standardized and researched products through continuous innovation, in order to provide outstanding values to our customers. We thrive to take everything on our shoulders because of our determination and dedication to succeed as the best soap manufacturing business in the industry.

As we move forward, we’ll continue to refine our products in order to provide you and your audience with the cleanest and the most authentic soap products possible. To introduce new products to the market and combine innovation with modernization and digitization, we focus on bringing new innovative methods from time to time. Our ethical and environmental values apply to all aspects of our company, from products to factory conditions, and we are committed to long-term social compliance programs for consumers, workers, and stakeholders.

Moreover, our esteemed specialist teams are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, so we aim to offer all our valuable products to our customers at reasonable prices.