Distilled Fatty Acid

Fatty acids are mostly used in the manufacture of soap, both for cosmetic purposes and, in metallic soap, as lubricants. In order to give you the properties and advantages of pure vegetable oils, Fatty Acids are used in the making of the soaps. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Light Fatty Acid and Distilled Fatty Acid from India. We take pride in consistently providing high-quality goods with the right features, enabling our customers to achieve success in their fields. Our Fatty Acids are environment-friendly as they are made from pure vegetable oil.

Since 2010, we are manufacturing vegetable oil-based soap using Fatty Acids. Today, we produce a variety of Light Fatty Acids and Distilled Fatty Acid which are used for industrial and personal purposes. Our fatty acids are also used in raw materials to make emulsifiers, cosmetics, toiletries, soaps, and detergents, etc. The in-house distilled fatty acid plant is well equipped with start-of-art technology that allows us to produce high-quality Distilled Fatty Acids for our clients. We can also manufacture you a wide range of Light Fatty Acids and Distilled Fatty Acids as per your needs. As a result, our Distilled Fatty Acids can be purchased at a reasonable price by our valued customers.

Only High Quality Products for your Brand

We pledge to provide you with significant business benefits by making high-quality products for your brand. So, contact Modulus Cosmetics for your specific manufacturing as we aspire to make the best soap bar in the market.