Contract Manufacturing

Modulus Cosmetics does contract manufacturing and is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of Soap Noodles, Refined Glycerine, Crude Glycerine, Toilet soap, Laundry Soap and Distilled fatty acid. Since 2010, we have been working on manufacturing the best soap bars and other soap-related products for different brands. Instead of working on our brand, we work for different brands by helping them produce the best soap bar in their category. Till now, we have worked with 10+ soap brands from all over the nation.

Why Choose Modulus Cosmetics As
Best Third-party Soap Manufacturing Company

Research & Development

Top-Notch Quality Standards

Delivery Commitments

Skilled Manpower & Custome Made

We manufacture the best quality soap products under the supervision of expert technicians and specialists. We strive to provide our valued customers with a higher level of satisfaction by secure shipments and timely delivery to their doorstep. Connect with us at Modulus Cosmetics to collaborate with the best third-party soap manufacturing company.

Research & Development

We have in-house research and development team that has helped us maintain consistency in the global market. With high-tech laboratories and research analysts, we can produce a variety of soap-based products for our customers. Our team of skilled technicians, employees, and associates work continuously as per the brand guidelines.

You can gain an advantage over your rivals and build yourself as the top-most soap brand by collaborating with us. Our R&D also does quality testing and analytical testing of the products to make sure there is no defect in the product.

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Top Notch Quality

We have developed quality standards and take extra care while choosing the ingredients in the making of soap. The raw material used in our soap bars is of the highest quality, selected by highly qualified and professional practitioners. As a reliable contract manufacturer of soaps, we ensure that each product is made with the utmost care and in accordance with industry standards.

We strongly believe that building a long-term relationship with our clients is more important than focusing on profits. Because of this, our products are shipped to every corner of the nation. Hence, our topmost priority is to provide our clients with top-notch quality soap products that add value to their products.

Delivery Commitments

Created with the vision to deliver timely commitments to the clients, Modulus Cosmetics is one of the top contract manufacturing companies. We provide a variety of market advantages to those who work with us. Any supplier or distributor who works with us benefits from on-time delivery, which helps them make a good impression on their target audience.

Our fast delivery service has enabled many other brands to boost their portfolio. So, join hands with Modulus Cosmetics to obtain high-quality soap bars and soap-based products under your brand.

Skilled Manpower

We are a team of highly skilled professionals who create a flawlessly blended collection of soap-based products. Our manufacturing unit has extensive experience in making soap products for various brands of the country. We are well-versed in all aspects of this sector and thus capable of meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs. Our highly trained, seasoned, and qualified practitioners provide the highest quality products related to soap making.

We work with many big and small brands of the soap industry and help them gain a competitive advantage in the market. Thus, we cater to the needs of our clients that is necessary for their consistent growth in the market.

Custom Made

Soap products have a huge demand in the country and, many suppliers and dealers deal with providing the best quality soap products to the customers. Modulus Cosmetics also works on producing the products as per customer needs. We also work as the third-party manufacturing company for the making of soap bars and design the most exclusive soap bars and soap ingredients for different brands.

We strive to make the best soap bars in the market that adheres to customers’ needs and specifications.


Only High Quality Products for your Brand

We pledge to provide you with significant business benefits by making high-quality products for your brand. So, contact Modulus Cosmetics for your specific manufacturing as we aspire to make the best soap bar in the market.