About Us

Company History

Modulus Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd was established in 2010 with the aim of providing high-quality soap products to its customers. We are a soap manufacturing company that manufactures a wide range of Soap Noodles, Refined Glycerine, Crude Glycerine, Toilet soap, Laundry Soap and Distilled fatty acid.

Since our ability to produce high-grade, high-effectiveness soap-based products, we have gained tremendous popularity among our clients. Our clients trust us because we cater to their needs and offer them high quality products with the help of our expert team.

The company started in 2010 with the aim of manufacturing soap bars for various brands and provide them with the premium quality soap-based products. However, as time has passed, we have established ourselves as a leading name in the soap industry.

We applaud ourselves on producing all of our goods with the utmost dignity and integrity.

About our Manufacturing Plant

M/s Modulus Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd has commissioned a 150 TPD distilled fatty acid and 400 TPD soap noodles plant near Tahliwal, Distt. Una Himachal Pradesh (India) and spread over a land of 50 acres.

  • The 150 TPD distilled fatty acid commissioned has been designed as per German standards and supplied by M/S Chemical Construction International (p) Limited (CCI) having Technical collaboration with their German Partners LURGI.
  • The material of construction of our splitter is in cladded SS 317L. The pre-cut distillation column is also in SS317L with 904L structured packing from Sulzer.
  • The design of our plant allows us to handle the full range of feedstock available in the market today such as palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), palm stearin (PST), palm kernel oil (PKO), Coconut Fatty Acid (CNFAD ), coconut oil (CNO), etc. to meet all your requirements as to the composition of the final soap noodles.
  • Achievement of Degree Of Splitting (DOS ) > 98.5 %
  • The pre-cut and Distillation section is the latest double-column design from Germany.
  • Having 3 soap noodle Noodle cascades producing 400 MT per day. The lines are of Milindia.
  • The color of the DFA from feedstock, such as PFAD, PKO, CNO.PST, CPO, etc. is 3-4 units in a 5 1/4” Lovibond tintometer cell. (Y+5R reading scale).
  • Installed Silos for weathering of noodles to have uniform moisture distribution.


The 150 TPD distilled fatty acid commissioned

Installed Silos for weathering of noodles

producing 400 MT per day

Achievement of Degree Of Splitting (DOS ) > 98.5 %

Utilities in our Manufacturing Plant

The 17 kg/cm/sq. medium pressure boiler having 16 ton per hour steam capacity is procured from Forbes Marshal with the design and technical collaboration of Forbes Vynke Belgium.

  • The Thermal Fluid boiler of a capacity of 25 lac Kcal/hr is commissioned by Forbes Vynke.
  • High-Pressure Boiler from IBL of capacity 3 MT.
  • R.O. plant of a capacity of 30 ton /hr is also installed by using membrane fitters from the U.S.A.
  • Hydrogenation plant having a capacity of 30 MT per day.
  • Flexibility in the hydrogenation of oils and fats to meet customer requirements and desired IV with Stearic Flakes and Hydrogenated Palm Fatty Acid